Welcome to 3DStination

Hello there, and welcome to 3DStination – the destination for everything related to the Nintendo 3DS, including all the latest news, information on upcoming games, release date listings, special features, reviews, guides, and more.

First, I would like to introduce myself: my name is Cliff, and in addition to being a very big fan of video games (and the gaming industry in general), I am a self-proclaimed Nintendo 3DS enthusiast. Part of my daily routine includes scouring the Internet, hawking RSS feeds and gaming forums until I stumble upon all the latest news and headlines of the afternoon – but none seem to catch my attention more than the ones based on the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS games.

I stay current on the news not only because I am a dedicated gamer, but because I have also been writing about video games for various websites dating back a number of years. I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of an independent video game site called Game Freaks 365, and have published hundreds of reviews since I began back in 2005. My work as a writer and gaming journalist have taken me elsewhere; dozens of my reviews, previews, editorials, and other content have been published on websites like GameZone and Talking About Games. I have even been featured in podcasts for sites like Roboawesome.

I have plenty of experience with website design, though I am no professional – instead, I work better as an editor and administrator, managing a staff of writers, in addition to publishing my own content. In fact, I did all of these things on a daily basis when I started a personal blog called “GameRabies” in late 2010. Though I started the site by myself, it quickly expanded as I picked up the contributions and inspired efforts of half a dozen unique and talented staff writers – each offering a vastly different but equally thought-provoking perspective on the topics of the gaming industry.

Back to 3DStination: it has become increasingly obvious over the last year that my focus as a gamer is directed toward the Nintendo 3DS (and handheld gaming in general). As a writer, I tend to think about the 3DS more than anything when I publish original content, and I often search out 3DS news and information as my top priority. The result is a lot of 3DS content published on Game Freaks 365, perhaps too much for an all-purpose video game website.

So, with that in mind, I decided that it was time to start a new side-project; and thus 3DStination was created. This blog is an outlet for my admittedly-obsessive craving and sharp focus on the Nintendo 3DS. Rest assured that I will feature all the current 3DS news and headlines, including rumors, videos, announcements, release dates, trailers, screenshots, editorials, lists, reviews…basically anything I deem worthy of publishing and sharing with the world. I will also publish plenty of “original content” that ranges from Top 10 lists to retrospective analysis and forward-thinking speculation about upcoming games.

Finally, a big part of 3DStination will be written reviews, starting with my backlog of 3DS titles and eShop downloads. This includes many of the best 3DS games to date, from Ocarina 3D and Kid Icarus: Uprising to Pushmo and Mutant Mudds. The reviews featured on this blog follow a format that helps the reader focus directly on the overall quality of each title, but are largely based around the unique features and capabilities of the 3DS hardware, such as the stereoscopic 3D effects or the use of the StreetPass functionality. Ultimately, in addition to the dose of subjectivity that is necessary in all reviews, the final score of each title is determined by many of the factors that make the 3DS so “special” in the first place.

I guess that is really the goal of 3DStination, in a nutshell – not just to focus on the Nintendo 3DS, but to think about what exactly makes it such an interesting portable gaming device. I would like to provide my fellow gamers and 3DS fans with additional food for thought, or at least some intriguing debate material.

Again, welcome to 3DStination – I truly hope you enjoy the site, and remember to keep coming back for more 3DS content!


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