Club Nintendo Rewards – Donkey Kong, Brain Age Expiring June 30

If you happen to be a member of Nintendo’s “rewards” program, Club Nintendo, you should already know that you can get some pretty sweet stuff. All it takes is signing up and registering your purchases by entering the special codes that come packaged with new copies of most 3DS games.

If you aren’t a member of Club Nintendo and you own a 3DS, click here and get registered – it’s simple, takes almost no effort, and does nothing but reward you for making future 3DS purchases. Basically, you earn coins by entering the codes; you can also earn coins by downloading certain eShop software, and completing surveys about the your titles on the Club Nintendo website.

What is really cool; Nintendo updates the reward program frequently, offering a new batch of downloads for its various consoles. This past update was particularly sweet; check it out:

Personally, I’m considering picking up Donkey Kong – the Game Boy version of the arcade classic was so much deeper, offering dozens of puzzle-platform levels and an expansive set of moves for Mario to use as he traversed each challenging stage. I played the hell out of that game as a kid, and although there are no major updates in this digital version, it would still be great to have on my 3DS at all times. After all, you never know when that urge to save damsels from enraged apes is going to kick in.

Stay tuned for the upcoming list of Club Nintendo rewards, and make sure you keep registering any of the games that you pick up on the 3DS! Those coins add up pretty fast!


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