Fire Emblem: Awakening Coming to North America, Europe in 2013

It was pretty much assumed that Fire Emblem: Awakening would miss the 2012 launch schedule, and Nintendo confirmed such details during this week’s Nintendo Direct presentation. The 3DS installment of the Fire Emblem series will see its North American and European release sometime in 2013.

What is interesting, as points out, is that the showcase for the strategy/RPG made no mention of the “Awakening” subtitle that Nintendo previously used; instead there was simply the “Fire Emblem” name on a black screen.

There are no further specifics about the release date, at least not in North America – the only hint so far is “the first half of 2013” in Europe, according to NWR. I would bet that it comes out sometime during the spring, long after the wake of the holiday season has settled down, but before the months start to drag and summer rolls around again.

For those who haven’t heard much about Fire Emblem: Awakening (if that is truly the subtitle), the game is based around a character named Krom – the vigilante captain and prince of the Holy Kingdom of Iris. The gamepaly will feature a team-up attack mechanic using multiple party members, and players will even be able to customize their own playable character for use in battle. As noted on the game’s Wikipedia page, created players can marry NPCs of the opposite gender, and even have children.

Finally, DLC has been confirmed by Nintendo – additional characters such as Marth and Roy have already been mentioned, in addition to the free characters that can be acquired through the SpotPass function and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.


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