Disney Announces Wreck-It Ralph Video Game

If you haven’t heard much about the upcoming Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, you should immediately watch the trailer below. Even if you have, you should still probably watch it again. This upcoming CGI film stars John C. Reilly as the titular Ralph, an old-school video game villain that aspires to become a hero, and would fit perfectly as either role in a classic Nintendo title.

In fact, there are cameo appearances from Nintendo villains in the trailer – Bowser included. Check it out:

Though it may not be as exciting as the trailer above, Disney Interactive has announced that it will partner with Activision to bring a Wreck-It Ralph video game to the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the original DS and the Nintendo Wii. There were no details about the gameplay revealed, though the game was said to feature “arcade video game action with a whole new modern look and feel.” Additionally, the story serves as an extension of the movie, rather than a virtual replication of it – perhaps a better choice.

I doubt that the image above is anything like the visuals that we can ultimately expect from the 3DS version, but what you see is actually what Wreck-It Ralph looks like in the film. Perhaps we will see some sort of Rampage/Donkey Kong-style gameplay – two games that Ralph’s title seems to be slightly influenced by.

There was no release date announced, but it would be safe to guess that the games will launch very close to the same time as the film’s debut – November 2.


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