Marvel Pinball 3D Available Thursday on eShop

If you enjoy pinball games or Marvel characters, you should check out one of the new eShop downloads this Thursday.

In addition to Bomb Monkey, developed by Renegade Kid, you will find Zen Studios’ Marvel Pinball 3D on the digital download service this week. The pinball game will set you back $7.99.

The game will feature four tables, each starring Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Blade, Captain America, and the Fantastic Four.

There is DLC planned for the future, like Zen Pinball 3D – another eShop pinball game – but nothing has been confirmed by Zen Studios for either game. Apparently the company is still figuring out the strategy for releasing the new content on the eShop.

What do you think? At eight bucks, this download breaks down to $2 per pinball table – not a bad price. It’s also 3D-enabled and looks pretty flashy. I’m not a big Marvel fan, but I’m considering a download when this one drops this week.



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