Square-Enix Reveals First Paid DLC on 3DS for Theatrhythm

Square-Enix finally followed through with its plans to announce the very first paid DLC to date on the Nintendo 3DS – additional tracks for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy – and it seems that maybe they simply wanted to wait until the North American launch. Fortunately, that day was today, and Square-Enix wasted almost no time in revealing a batch of add-on songs from a handful of classic Final Fantasy titles.

If you need to know more about Theatrhythm, check out the launch article that was posted earlier today, or the July 2012 preview based on the trio of Square-Enix games coming to the 3DS. Otherwise, here are the songs that you can expect to see in the shop, accessible from the game’s main menu:

  • “Battle Theme 1” (FINAL FANTASY II)
  • “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY IV)
  • “In Search of Light” (FINAL FANTASY V)
  • “Cosmo Canyon” (FINAL FANTASY VII)
  • “A Fleeting Dream” (FINAL FANTASY X)
  • “Fighters of the Crystal” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
  • “Fighting Fate” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)

Each of the new tracks will cost $0.99, and Square-Enix plans to release rougly 50 new tracks over the next year or so, in addition to the 40 that already come with the game.

Not bad, eh? Theatrhythm might be even more ambitious than I previously thought; not only is it the first 3DS game with paid DLC on the eShop, it’s also one of the first with periodic DLC updates planned for the future. Check back for more updates in the future, and look for my full review of Theatrhythm over the next few weeks.

(via NintendoWorldReport.com)


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