Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Shipping Today in North America

It’s finally July, and if you have been following the 3DS news lately, you know what that means: Square-Enix has three big games headed to North America this month. The first of those three titles is Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, a spin-off of the popular RPG series that combines rhythm-based gameplay, familiar RPG concepts, and the classic music from each numbered entry of the popular franchise. It is a proper celebration of the Final Fantasy series’ 25th Anniversary – or is it?

Reviews have started appearing online for the game, and the scores seem to occupy a pretty wide range on the standard 1-10 scale. For your convenience, I’ve provided links to some of them, and even quotes from the reviews.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy – Reviews & Scores From the Internet

9.0 from GameZone:
“This 25th Anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy should be treasured amongst fans of the series, but even beyond that. It’s a complete package of nostalgia, fun gameplay, charming visuals, and breathtaking compositions that equally make up what Final Fantasy is all about.
8.0 from Joystiq:
“If you’re looking to catch up on any of the stories, or learn more about the characters, you’re better off looking elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you want to see your party issue a hilarious, randomly-generated battle cry like “At last, we tremble mythically for an idiot!” before you’re treated to “Mambo de Chocobo,” this is the only place to look.”
7.0 from Destructoid:
“At the end of the day…unlocking that track from Final Fantasy IX that you just hoped would be there is a special kind of fun that fans will live for. It’s just a shame that such fun is not consistent and frequent enough to truly make this the memorable experience it deserves to be.”

Here’s the E3 2012 trailer:

What do you think? Are you going to pick up a copy of Theatrhythm this week? Share your thoughts about this Final Fantasy spin-off in the comments section below, and stay tuned for my full review of the game.


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