Sakura Samurai Price Slashed Temporarily on eShop

It has already been a pretty solid summer for the Nintendo eShop, but the past week has been particularly exciting. Along with the first “8-Bit Summer” games (Legend of Zelda, NES Open Tournament Golf) and an awesome demo (Heroes of Ruin), Nintendo temporarily cut the price of Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword. It appears that the digital download sales will continue rolling out each week, as this price cut follows up the sale on Nicalis’s VVVVVV last week.

This temporary sale drops the price from $6.99 to just $4.99. Take it from a fan of the game (even after paying the full price); this one is worth every penny, and stands as one of the finest eShop titles to date. If you want some additional convincing, check out the original debut trailer to get a quick look at the gameplay:

Unfortunately, you’ll have to act pretty quick, because the sale on Sakura Samurai ends Sunday, July 8 @ 9PM PST.

Personally, I think Nintendo should give Art of the Sword a bit more time in the limelight. and extend this discount for long enough that anyone browsing the eShop becomes more familiar with it.



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