Heroes of Ruin Shipping This Week in North America

It’s the middle of July, but if the scorching summer is slowing you down, watch out – the month is just starting to heat up.

All the cheesy temperature-related puns aside, I have been talking for quite some time about the trio of Square-Enix titles that were slated for launch on the Nintendo 3DS during the month of July. The first in line – Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy – ended up being a surprise hit, as far as most critics were concerned. This made me even more excited for the latest retail release, Heroes of Ruin – which finally shipped yesterday, July 17, in North America.

There have been Heroes of Ruin reviews published on the Internet for quite some time, largely because the game was released in other regions before coming to the United States. European critics seemed to enjoy the game, and the average score seemed to fall between 7/10-8/10. That being said, the local reception for this hack-and-slash RPG seems to be roughly the same, now that it is finally available in the ‘states.

Heroes of Ruin – Reviews & Scores From the Internet

8.0 from Nintendo Life:

Heroes of Ruin does have a few rough edges and areas where greater refinement would have been welcome, but they don’t detract from an accomplished effort on 3DS…In many respects this is a by-the-numbers title, but the end result does bear the resemblance of a masterpiece, even if it can’t quite survive the closest of inspection.

7.0 from Destructoid:

It’s a good game, undoubtedly, and there’s plenty to enjoy, but the nature of the experience is such that it just makes me want more and better — something as fun as this, without the setbacks. Heroes of Ruin didn’t so much sate my appetite for portable action-RPGs as make me yearn for more. That is, at least, a point in Ruin’s favor — it’s entertaining to the point that I want to further my experience rather than lessen it.

6.0 from Game Informer:

Heroes of Ruin is a functional lootfest, but its poor economics balancing, uninteresting weapons, and boring combat don’t do it any favors. It’s like listening to a terrible band cover your favorite song. All the musicians are holding the right instruments, but it just doesn’t quite come together.

Here is the official launch trailer:

Have you already picked up a copy of Heroes of Ruin? What do you think of this ambitious, multiplayer-based RPG for the 3DS? Even if you played the demo, leave a comment and share some of your thoughts.


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