Kingdom Hearts 3D – New Worlds Trailer

Square-Enix is gearing up for the big release of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, keeping the hype machine running with all kinds of pre-launch teaser trailers and screenshots.

The latest trailer is based on a handful of the new Disney worlds, cameo appearances, and slick new game mechanics such as “FlowMotion”. Most of the video is actually nothing new, especially if you have been following the game closely – nonetheless, it was effective at keeping that “spark” ignited until the July 31 release date.

Check out the video below:

What do you think?

There are already some early reviews for KH3D published on various websites. Normally I would read some of them, but this is one of my most-anticipated releases of the entire year. As a result, I have decided to hold off and wait for the end of the month, when I finally get my own collector’s edition copy, and have the chance to judge the game for myself.


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