New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Latest Trailer Plays it Safe

Despite being a big fan of New Super Mario Bros. on the original DS, I really didn’t care much about the 3DS sequel – that is, until Nintendo spilled the beans about all those gold coins, revealed the new “Coin Rush” mode, and confirmed plans for DLC in the future.

Suddenly, NSMB2 was looking less and less like the same ol’ Mario Bros. adventure – almost giving off an ironic “Sonic the Hedgehog” vibe, especially considering all the speedy, coin-grabbing action.

Nintendo has actually detailed quite a bit about the competitive Coin Rush mode since its E3 showcase in early June. However, with the launch set exactly one month from now, the Big N finally seems to be getting the ball rolling – by properly “hyping up” its latest Mario adventure. After hearing very little about the game for months, there seems to be plenty of new information, trailers, and screenshots, with new stuff rolling out frequently.

On that note, here is the latest gameplay footage, straight from IGN:

…well? Thoughts? Don’t tell me that I’m the only one who is actually starting to get excited about this one. I don’t have New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-ordered, but the classic, impulsive “day-one purchase” routine is starting to seem unavoidable. Keep your eyes peeled until this one finally drops (alongside the 3DS XL) on August 19.


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