Bravely Default, Monster Hunter 4 – Will They Come to North America?

A few days ago, Joystiq published an interesting article about the possibilities of several major Japanese RPGs being released in North America.

Among the games mentioned in the story were Nintendo 3DS titles Monster Hunter 4 and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. The former should be a familiar name, but it’s the latter that I care most about.

Don’t be turned off by the name – Square-Enix’s RPG looks absolutely fantastic, and there is actually a reason behind both “Bravely Default” and the subtitle, “Flying Fairy”. According to Joystiq, Bravely Default “borrows heavily from Final Fantasy V”, so that sounds exciting – I am about to play FFV for the very first time (GBA version), and I would be interested to see how the gameplay compares.

There are trailers online that show off both the cinematic and combat portions of the game, and you can find plenty of screenshots as well. Here’s hoping that Square-Enix listens to the RPG fans in America and makes it an international release. Joystiq says the odds are “pretty good”.

The Monster Hunter franchise is much bigger in Japan than in North America – regardless, Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS could be one of the most ambitious online multiplayer games to date if it reaches the US. Considering that Square-Enix recently published Heroes of Ruin, which was based almost entirely around 4-player co-op, the idea of another big Monster Hunter game in America isn’t so far-fetched.¬†Personally, I still feel like the chances are higher for Bravely Default than Monster Hunter 4, but Joystiq says it’s “still probably going to happen…I think.”

What are your thoughts? Between Bravely Default and Monster Hunter 4, which would you prefer to see released in North America? Share some of your ideas in the comments section below.


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