The Binding of Isaac’s Creator Still Wants a 3DS Release

The Binding of Isaac was originally planned to release on the Nintendo eShop quite some time ago; you may recall that there was some controversy involved with the religious content of the download, which resulted in the Big N’s rejection of the title on the eShop.

That apparently hasn’t turned away creator Edmund McMillen – not the slightest bit. McMillen has revealed that the possibility of an “updated version” of The Binding of Isaac could eventually appear on the 3DS.

In fact, he puts the chances of a re-make at “50/50”:

The remake will be more than just an expansion, it will be a new game with all new graphics, music, etc. It will also feature an expansion-sized pack of all new content, bosses, characters, enemies, items, etc. And yes, in about a year if/when it comes out, the Flash version of the game will appear obsolete for sure. But a year is a long time and I’ll do what I can to make sure the guys who remake it make it substantial enough for you to play through all over again.

What do you think? After all of the fuss over The Binding of Isaac, I would feel pretty good to see it finally make an appearance on the eShop. At least the creator seems enthusiastic, right?


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