The Daily 3DS Trailers Report (9/3/12) – Pokemon, Paper Mario & More

The Daily 3DS Trailers Report will be posted on a regular basis, and includes all of the new trailers for Nintendo 3DS games found each day on the Internet.

Today’s 3DS Trailers Report includes almost half a dozen videos, so there is plenty of new stuff to check out this morning.

For the first-party fanatics, there’s a double serving of Pokemon with footage for both of the upcoming 3DS app/games, Pokedex 3D Pro and Pokemon Dream Radar. There is also footage of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, straight from PAX.

Over the weekend, I overlooked a pair of videos that are coincidentally based on eShop side-scrollers. First, Endgame Studios’ Fractured Soul looks pretty slick, and comes out in just over a week (9/13/12) on the eShop. Finally, the team that brought you Pokemon (Game Freak) is getting ready to launch an all-new platformer called Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight. Sadly, it hasn’t been confirmed for release outside of the Japanese eShop…at least, not yet.

Here are all of the embedded videos, mostly shared straight from YouTube:

Fractured Soul – Trailer
Paper Mario: Sticker Star – Off-Screen w/PAX 2012 Demo
Pokedex 3D Pro – PAX 2012 Trailer
Pokemon Dream Radar – PAX 2012 Trailer
Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight – Demo Footage

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