eShop Releases – September 13, 2012: Fractured Soul, Heavy Fire 3D

This week, the Nintendo eShop will see the launch of two new 3D games that have managed to capture my attention.

Fractured Soul – Endgame Studios

The first is Endgame Studios’ Fractured Soul, which I mentioned along with a trailer in The Daily 3DS Trailers Report last week. This side-scrolling game has you jumping between parallel dimensions, solving platforming puzzles and engaging in combat as you move from one plane to the next. It looks pretty interesting, though it appears that Fractured Soul will also be the largest eShop download to date – even bigger than the full version of New Super Mario Bros. 2. It also sets you back about $12, making it one of the most expensive downloads to boot.

Still, it might be worth biting the bullet…because Fractured Soul happens to look pretty damn cool. Take a look at the trailer below:

Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D – Teyon

Next, Teyon is bringing its Heavy Fire franchise from the WiiWare platform to the eShop. Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D boasts destructible environments, three different character classes, and an action-packed on-rails shooter experience based around modern warfare-style combat.

The graphics actually don’t look bad, and the gameplay could definitely be somewhat entertaining, but I am nonetheless hesitant and curious to see if this $5 download actually ends up being worth its sticker price. After all, even if it is one of the first real “shooters” on the handheld, I am worried that the “on-rails” gameplay will really limit the experience. Regardless, as much as I would like to see a proper FPS on the 3DS, I would still always prefer to get my hands on another solid and affordable eShop game – and Heavy Fire 3D appears to fit into both categories. Check out the trailer below:

Stay tuned for more about these new eShop titles – perhaps a review of Heavy Fire 3D will be posted, but you can almost expect to see something about Fractured Soul in the coming weeks. I’m picking it up as soon as possible.


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