Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Coming to 3DS, Wii U Next March

There was a big Monster Hunter announcement being teased for September 13; ironically the same day as Nintendo’s Wii U event in New York City. It wasn’t hard to guess that the series would likely make its first appearance on a Nintendo console since Monster Hunter Tri came to the Wii. It turns out the “educated guessers” were right; Monster Hunter will be coming to the 3DS and Wii U next year.

Fans of the series were hoping for Monster Hunter 4, but instead Capcom confirmed that the new game was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the first game with confirmed “cross-play” support; similar to the connection between certain PS3/PS Vita games, the Wii U version of MH3U is compatible with the 3DS version. Data can be transferred to the 3DS version, allowing hardcore Monster Hunter fans to play and make progress on the same save file, even if they aren’t in front of the console.

The Wii U version will support online play, but the 3DS will be limited to local multiplayer. It’s a bummer, certainly…but there is a StreetPass function planned for the game. It will be interesting to see how all of this works out. Hopefully it plays well; Capcom has confirmed that the touch screen will make the 3DS version the “most intuitively controlled game in the series.”

What do you think? Are you interested in playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? I would imagine that the game will be a “money-printer” for both Capcom and Nintendo. Count me in; Capcom has done pretty well with the 3DS so far.


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