EX Troopers – No Plans for Western Release

If you were looking forward to playing the crazy-looking Lost Planet spin-off, EX Troopers, I have some pretty heart-breaking news: Capcom’s Christian Svensson responded to a question about an American release, and the answer was more or less, “No.”

“No because EX Troopers isn’t part of the LP series official (thus the difference in name) nor are there plans to bring it Westward at this time.”

The question he is responding to must have compared this “sub-series” of Lost Planet to the upcoming DmC game for Xbox 360 & PS3; Svensson goes on to set the story straight about the new Devil May Cry:

“…DmC isn’t a sub-series. It’s an origin story.”

There you have it; maybe we would have seen EX Troopers if it wasn’t a slick-looking sub-series. As Nintendo3DSBlog points out, he does say “at this time”, so there could be the smallest trace of hope…but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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